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City Parks

     The City of Glendive currently maintains over 37 acres of improved parks and a swimming pool. Whipkey Park has restroom facilities that are shared with the Babe Ruth Baseball program which is located at this park. Jaycee West Park and Eyer Park, located on the westerly edge of the Yellowstone River were both built in the 1970’s. While both of the parks have playground equipment, Jaycee West Park has tennis courts and a horseshoe area. Lloyd Square Park is the largest of the city parks and most heavily used. The swimming pool is located here as well as tennis courts, picnic shelter, and restroom facilities. The remaining park acreages are distributed throughout the city in residential neighborhoods. To make park reservations click on the photo of the park you would like to reserve.

 Map of Glendive Parks

Lloyd Square Park


Lloyd Square Park

Jaycee West

Eyer Park

Penninger Park

 Carter Park

Whipkey Park

 Gazebo Park
Gazebo Park