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Licensing  and Other Fees

*Licenses can be purchased at City Hall located at 300 S. Merrill Ave.

Pet Licensing Fees: Proof of rabies vaccination and proof that animal is spayed/neutered is required.
            -Spayed or Neutered: $10/year
            -Non Spayed or Neutered: $30/year

Alcohol Licensing Fees:  Proof of catering license is required.            
            -Temporary beer/wine license: $15.00/day
            -Temporary full bar license: $35.00/day
            -Continuous beer/wine sales license: $150.00/year
            -Continuous alcohol sales license: $300.00/year

Office Work:
            -Plotted map/plan copies: $1.25/square foot
            -Oversize Xerox map/plan copies: $.50/ square foot
            -Laminating: $1.00/square foot

Excavation Fees:
           -Paved Streets- $5.00/ sq. foot; $150.00 minimum-Waived for approved repair
           -Unpaved Street or Alley- $2.50/ sq. ft.; $75.00 minimum-Waived for approved repair

Parades & Street Closure Fees:
           Merrill Avenue during normal business hours- $50.00
           -Merrill Avenue not during normal business hours- $100.00
           -Merrill Avenue closure- $100.00 per day
           -City may provide barricades upon request for a $75.00 refundable deposit
          -Applicants must provide proof of $1 Million liability insurance naming the City of Glendive
           as certificate holder

Rolloff Solid Waste Containers:
           -Container rental- $10.00 per day
           -Container pickup & dump fee- $ 75.00 per trip & landfill charges also apply

Waste Disposal Rates:
           -Clean clippings, yard trimmings, and leaves: No Charge
           -Inert brick, dirt, and rebar free concrete: No Charge
           -Minimum Charge for other material is $5.00
           -Household solid waste & construction debris: $50.00/ton (2 ½ cents/pound)
           -Trees and Branches: $10.00/ton ( ½ cent/pound)
           -Asphalt: $3.00/ton
                      Car & light truck: $1.50
                      Medium truck: $5.00
                      Off road: $15.00
            -Appliances with CFS’s (Freon): $20.00 + the per pound rate
            -Contaminated soils: $13.00/ ton with approved analytical sampling